3 Respostas a “Quando se empresta a bicicleta…

  1. César diz:

    É a melhor maneira de arranjar novos adeptos (da bicicleta)!
    A felicidade está estampada nos seus rostos.

  2. Joyce diz:

    I really love the second picture. It reminds me of my own family when we go out, and the way that when I fall behind, my children like to turn around and extend their arms, laughing and calling for me.

    I also can’t help but admire mom’s bike. What is it? I can’t tell from the picture. It’s beautiful, with great geometry and so much room in back for a rack.

  3. Miguel diz:

    Hi there Joyce, family bike rides are priceless… And an Xtracycles makes it even more magical. As for the other bike, it’s a Globe Haul. Cheers

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