É como andar de bicicleta

Há já uns tempos, falei aqui de dois projectos excelentes de promoção da bicicleta, onde se fotografavam pessoas na rua, nas suas bicicletas, e que basicamente passam esta ideia que tanto aqui falo e tento promover: qualquer pessoa pode andar de bicicleta.

Em Londres, arrancaram com um projecto semelhante:

‘Like Riding a Bike’ is a campaign designed to try and change the way non-cyclists view cycling. The campaign references those carefree, happy days of childhood cycling, free-wheeling downhill with the wind in your hair moments.

This film is about how we captured the images – by stopping passing cyclists and getting them to agree to take part, be photographed and tell us the story of their journey.

A lot of people who may be considering the bike as an potion see people out there on bikes that are really sports orientated, the lycra louts with loads of technical gear, and they don’t associate themselves with that.

This campaign is trying to change that image and show that anyone can ride a bike.

Via ibikelondon

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